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Why Give to the College of Business and Economics? 

Teaching and learning are central to CBE's mission.  We are committed to supporting our students throughout their education so that they have the foundation necessary for successful and fulfilling careers as well as in making a positive impact on business and society. 

Each year we provide a range of support for our students, from academic scholarships to support for travel and conferences. We also look to support the wonderful faculty and staff (that you may remember) so that they can do the good work of creating a forward-looking, technologically advanced, and agile learning environment.                           

Impact: Your gift to support the College of Business and Economics will help to provide the best possible learning experience for our students by supporting student scholarships, mentorship programs, skill building, and professional development efforts across the college.

Our new Dean Deanna Kennedy recognizes three college level pillars that advance student, staff and faculty support:

  • Make Waves with the Moss Adams Student Support Center 
  • Make Waves by Supporting Technology and Databases  
  • Make Waves by Supporting Excellence in Research

Programmatic Funding Priorities: 

  • Scholarships to support CBE students (undergraduate and graduate students) 
  • Mentorship for First-Generation Students 
  • Professional Readiness (Professional writing skills courses for CBE students)
  • International Study Abroad (Students) 
  • International Research and Teaching (Faculty)  
  • Academic Program Support 
  • Visiting Speakers and Lecturers  
  • Professorships and Fellowships 
  • David and Lynne Nelson Scholarship 

Departments and Special Projects

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