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What We Do:

At Fairhaven, we have created the Fairhaven College Opportunity Fund to meet the needs of students facing financial challenges as they navigate their college experience.  With the COVID-19 epidemic and the unprecedented unemployment we have experienced over the past year, many students found their anticipated sources of income reduced or eliminated.  We are helping to fill part of that need with college scholarships.  Because of supporters like you, we have been able to provide more than $50,000 in emergency support to Fairhaven students over the past year! 

When Fairhaven College classes were online, the Outback Farm continued to operate. Our dedicated crew of staff and students are still planting food and tending the gardens. With food insecurity higher than we’ve ever seen it, fresh food from the Outback will continue to help make a small and meaningful contribution to the health of our community. 

What You Can Do:

We know that all of you are facing challenges adapting to the current set of realities as we are.  We hope that you will consider this opportunity to support Fairhaven College, either by donating to the Opportunity Fund Scholarship, the Outback Farm, or to our unrestricted fund that goes to support faculty and student projects and college events.

Departments and Special Projects

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Recent Grad Match Opportunity!
Thank you new Vikings! You've raised an additional $3,000 in support for current WWU students and programs!
$3,000 MATCHED
The Number One Vikings Match!
Thank you, Vikings! You who made the first $1,000 in gifts earned an ADDITIONAL $1,000 through a generous match!
$1,000 MATCHED
2,000th Donor Challenge!
Thank you! The 2,000th donor has unlocked an additional $750 for the designation of choice.
2,000 / 2,000 Donors
Last Call!
Thank you! You've unlocked an additional $5,000 as a matching gift!
Lunchtime Crunchtime
Thanks, Vikings! You've unlocked an additional $5,000 in support for students on your lunch break.
Rank Prize Lunchtime Crunchtime Challenge Donors
1 $2,500 Cross Country & Track and Field 90
2 $2,500 Western Symphony Orchestra 57
3 Varsity Volleyball 49
4 Men's Rowing 28
5 Ice Hockey 15
Early Bird Challenge!
Thank you! Your generosity has unlocked an additional $5,000 match before most people even got up for the day!
3,000th Donor Challenge!
Thank you, Viking supporters! We haven't hit 3,000 yet, but we're still tallying all the offline gifts we've received and will update the numbers ASAP!
Night Owl Challenge
Thank you! Your gifts helped raise an additional $2,000 for the Western Welcome Scholarship!
2,615 / 2,615 Gifts
Fairhaven Fundraisers Challenge!
The project or program in Fairhaven College that has the highest number of unique donors will win an additional $1,000! Final results available once we process all the Give Day gifts. Using fake donor names to inflate donor count may disqualify a project or program.
Rank Prize Department Donors
1 $1,000 Fairhaven College 9
2 Fairhaven College Opportunity Scholarship 6
3 Salish Sea Recording Studio 0
4 The Fairhaven Outback Farm 0
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