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Help students focus on school by supporting scholarships, and diversity & inclusion initiatives!

More than 60% of WWU students receive financial aid, but much of it has to be paid back. Across the nation, student loan debt has exceeded credit card debt. You can help the next generation launch their careers without this crippling burden.

Click on the green buttons below to learn more about how you can invest in inclusive success!  

Diversity Scholarships and Initiatives

A number of scholarships and programs have been established to support Western's mission to increase diversity, equity and inclusion on our campus and are presented here as giving options when you click on the Give Now Button. These funds provide the financial support, vote of confidence and resources that students need to feel at home and be able to succeed in college. All students should be able to pursue higher education and experience success both inside and outside of the classroom. 

Western Stands For Racial Equity Fund

The Western Stands for Racial Equity fund will be used to support recruitment and retention scholarships in honor and in memory of those who have faced injustice for generations. These scholarships are an investment in a new generation of young leaders who are poised to take action at the local and national level. 

Associated Students/Ethnic Student Center Scholarship Funds

The ESC is a community that supports historically underrepresented ethnic students and allies by providing a social atmosphere and inclusive environment where we engage in identity exploration and strive for cultural awareness and academic excellence.

These scholarships have been established to increase equity, diversity and inclusion of students from diverse backgrounds to affirm their identity, build community and cultivate leadership.

  • Asian and Pacific Islander Academic and Leadership Scholarship Endowment
  • Latina/Latino Academic and Leadership Scholarship Endowment
  • Native American Academic and Leadership Scholarship Endowment
  • Martin Luther King Academic and Leadership Scholarship Endowment

*These scholarships are awarded to students based on evidence of cultural or lived experience that will contribute to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive learning environment for all students. 

LGBTQ+ Western Fund

Your gift to LGBTQ+ Western will:

  • Support programming that advances the visibility, understanding, and celebration of LGBTQ+ people and cultures at Western.
  • Provide emergency financial assistance to assist LGBTQ+ students in staying enrolled and successful at Western in the event of unanticipated significant economic hardship.
  • Support Western students, faculty, and staff participation in LGBTQ+ conferences beyond Western that advance leadership development and/or engage queer and trans intellectual and artistic inquiry.

Learning without Borders Scholarship

To help undocumented students with housing, tuition and books.

Undocumented Student Resources Fund

Meets critical needs of undocumented students including housing, transportation, books and tuition.

Womxn of Color Empowerment Scholarship

For students who experience the issues and concerns of women of color and/or who are advocates for women of color.

Disability Studies Steering Committee (DSSC) / Disability Studies and Action Collaborative

Welcome to the Disability Studies and Active Collaborative (DSAC). We were founded at Western Washington University in 2019 by a group of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and members of the local community. We have two major components to our work.

Can’t find what you are looking for? 

There are many impactful scholarships and initiatives across campus, including many college or department based funds that you can read more about by clicking on the blue buttons below. 

If you can't find what you are looking for in the list of gift designations when you click on the Give Now button, please click Other and you will be able to write in the name of the scholarship or fund you are looking for. Please contact the WWU Foundation at (360) 650-3027 or with any questions you might have!

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars Scholarships & Student Success Funds Disability Studies Steering Committee (DSSC) Dr. Renee Collins Scholarship for Black Women Undocumented Student Support / The Blue Group Woodring Equity & Diversity Programs Prim Scholarship for Diversity and Inclusion Thaddeus & Lois Price Spratlen Fund for Diversity Western Stands for Racial Equity Fund CBE Diverse Students Opportunity Scholarship Emily Lang Memorial Scholarship Endowment Jamie Foland-Tseng Scholarship Jose S. Velasquez Memorial Scholarship Vernon Damani "Dr. J" Johnson Scholarship Western GAP Scholarship Womxn of Color Empowerment Scholarship Fund WWU Alumni Association Scholarship Ted Pratt Scholarship Tabetha Fox Clark Scholarship Stephanie Bowers Endowed Scholarship Shaw Gynan Memorial Scholarship Ruth S. Cox Memorial Scholarship Nancy Bluestein-Johnson Peninsulas Scholarship Mary Morrison Family Music Scholarship Endowment Marion Van Nostrand Scholarship KUGS Scholarship Elliot Scott Memorial Scholarship Brent Golden Memorial Scholarship Willis Ball Memorial Scholarship Vassdal Design Scholarship Uche Ugwoaba Computer Science Scholarship Student Ambassador Scholarship Rocky Spencer Memorial Scholarship Patrick L. Monahan Scholarship Matthew Gaphni Memorial Scholarship Manis Family Scholarship Lillie Mae Witherspoon Minority Scholarship James B. and Angela Rhoads Scholarship Campus School Legacy Scholarship Donald B. McLeod Scholarship Endowment Alma Clark Glass Scholarship for STEM MK Advantages of Learning Differently Scholarship WCE Promise Scholarships for Students of Color Dr. Lina Zeine Scholarship Dina Benedetti Scholarship Endowment Chuckanut District of WSFGC Scholarship Fairhaven College Opportunity Scholarship Western Welcome Scholarship Campaign
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Rank Prize Woodring Winners Challenge! Donors
1 $1,000 Elementary Education Department 11
2 Human Services 5
3 Woodring Equity & Diversity Programs 5
4 Special Education 3
5 Secondary Education & MIT 2
The Battle for Business!
The department in CBE with the most unique donors at the end of Give Day will receive an additional $1,000! Final results available after we finish processing all the gifts. Fake donor names may disqualify the department.
Rank Prize The Battle for Business! Donors
1 $1,000 Marketing Program 60
2 MSCM & Operations 50
3 Economics 45
4 Accounting Department 40
5 International Business Program 34
Savviest Student Organization Challenge!
The student club or team with the most donors when we finish processing all the Give Day gifts will win an extra $1,000! Final results available after all Give Day gifts are processed. Using fake donor names to inflate results may disqualify a club or team.
Rank Prize Savviest Student Organization Challenge! Donors
1 $1,000 Men's Rowing 105
2 Club Wrestling 45
3 Ice Hockey 45
4 Women's Ultimate 42
5 Water Skiing Team 29
College of Science and Engineering Donor Challenge!
The department, project or program in CSE that received the highest number of unique donors will receive an extra $1,000! Final results available after we process all Give Day gifts. Inflating donor count using fake donor names may disqualify a project, department, or program.
Rank Prize CSE Donor Challenge! Donors
1 $1,000 Computer Science 54
2 Chemistry Department 36
3 Geology 33
4 Biology 21
5 Marine and Coastal Science 15
Fairhaven Fundraisers Challenge!
The project or program in Fairhaven College that has the highest number of unique donors will win an additional $1,000! Final results available once we process all the Give Day gifts. Using fake donor names to inflate donor count may disqualify a project or program.
Rank Prize Department Donors
1 $1,000 Salish Sea Recording Studio 5
2 The Fairhaven Outback Farm 4
3 Fairhaven College Opportunity Scholarship 3
College of the Environment Donor Challenge!
The project or program in the College of the Environment that has the highest number of unique donors will win an additional $1,000! Final results available once we process all the Give Day gifts. Using fake donor names to inflate donor count may disqualify a project or program.
Rank Prize College of the Environment Donor Challenge! Donors
1 $1,000 Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Program 17
2 Environmental Sciences Department 12
3 Institute for Watershed Studies 5
4 Geography Program 5
5 Environmental Studies Department 5
Lunchtime Crunchtime
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Rank Prize Lunchtime Crunchtime Challenge! Donors
1 $2,500 Cross Country & Track and Field 95
2 $2,500 Men's Rowing 36
3 Women's Ultimate 13
4 Computer Science 9
5 Marketing Program 9
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