Music Department Scholarships
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Your Gift to any of the following scholarships provides significant assistance to Western music students. Thank you for your generosity and support!

Albert C. Shaw Music Education Scholarship - Scholarships for upper division undergraduate Music Education majors

Ada and Don Walter Endowment Fund - For student or students with potential as a music educator.

Arthur C. Hicks Piano Scholarship - For one or more piano majors as selected by the Music Department. 

Brass Performance Scholarship Endowment - To fund scholarships for brass performance students who are either new or returning students, majors or non-majors, graduate or undergraduate.

Christopher Bianco Music Scholarship - One, $1,500 annual scholarship to be awarded to a current or prospective Viking Band member.

Dee Bergholz Music Scholarship - Scholarships for students of piano, violin or flute.

Dorothy Kirk Westman Scholarship in Music - For students interested in vocal and/or instrumental music.  Preference is to be given to students who will make an enduring contribution to music either through a career as a performer or teacher or as a life-long supporter of the arts. 

Dr. Willard A. and Anne Brown Music Endowment - To fund scholarships for students majoring in music at Western Washington University.

Ford Hill Piano Scholarship - Awarded to a student playing piano.

Frances Jean Miller Endow - Scholarships for Performing Arts students in the Music Dept.

Gene Zoro Clarinet Scholarship - Applicants must be third year clarinet students to be eligible to receive the initial award.  Transfer students are eligible.

Gregory Cox Music Scholarship - To fund scholarships for students studying trombone.

Guelker-Cone Family Concert Choir Leadership Endowment - Scholarships for Concert Choir leaders who exemplify the core values of the ensemble: musicality, expressivity, and community building.

Hall-Stout Memorial Endowment - To provide scholarships to students pursuing a career in voice.

Jeffrey Gilliam Piano Scholarship Endowment - Multi-year scholarships to students majoring in Music whose focus area is piano.

Ken Copeland Music Scholarship - Memorial scholarship with all gifts divided equally between two recipients based on the following criteria: 1. Promising music education student; 2. Must be a trumpet player; 3. Financial need

L. Mildred Hurd Memorial Scholarship - Scholarships for majors in the Department of Music  to be chosen by the Music Scholarship Committee.

Lloyd Walworth Music Scholarship - To provide support of the Department of Music.

Murray Music Scholarship - Provide support (1) for students in the Music program who contribute multiple hours to the Department of Music through their leadership, musicianship, academic performance, and (2) have a short-term financial need.  

Music Department Scholarship - Provide annual/expendable scholarships for Music students.

Music Department Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Scholarship - For students of historically underrepresented groups in the music department to increase equitable access to all.

Music Merit Department Scholarship - General Music Department Scholarship for students of exceptional merit.

Patricia S. Woods Day Music Scholarship -  For students studying music with a preference for students who have demonstrated service to their community. 

Piper Carr Guitar Scholarship - To provide scholarships to deserving students in the Department of Music who are majoring in Guitar performance.

Peter A. Botting Scholarship - For an incoming music student with financial need, and with geographic preference in the following order: Sultan HS, Monroe HS, Snohomish HS & North Shore HS.

Rhoda Carrick Keagle Music Scholarship - For outstanding upper-division students of voice or piano who are eligible for financial aid.

Sanford Piano Scholarship - Award shall be normally used to attract new piano students at the graduate or undergraduate level, but may be given to currently enrolled students if the coordinator so recommends.

String Scholarship - Awarded to a string instrument focused music students as selected by the Music Department

Terry Clark Music Scholarship - To provide support for students with outstanding academic merit in the Music Department in the College of Fine and Performing Arts.

The Jazz Project Scholarship - The purpose of this scholarship is to provide support for Jazz Studies students in the Department of Music.

Virginia Hunter Voice Scholarship - Upper-division voice students in good academic standing who are preparing for a professional career in voice.

William D. Cole Scholarship - Scholarships for woodwind, brass, and percussion performers who have proven or show potential to be students of superlative musical quality. 

Wilhite Family Music Scholarship - Scholarships for the music department to reward and encourage students who have an aptitude and appreciation for music and who aspire to include music as a life-long avocation. 

Woodwind Scholarship - Scholarship for woodwind performance students who are either new or returning students, majors or non-majors, graduate or undergraduate.

Emily Perry- A Piano Performance Major, has been able to continue education thanks to music scholarships.

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