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Western Libraries
Supporting Students and Faculty at Western Libraries

Western Libraries - Wilson Library BuildingYour gift to Western Libraries strengthens research, teaching, and learning throughout the university. Funds support critical educational resources, access to digital collections, and important programs and services that promote collaboration and innovation, inquiry, curiosity, and creativity.  

Through your generosity, Western Libraries can better help our students engage thoughtfully with our complex history, find solutions to the 21st-century’s most challenging societal problems, and strengthen pluralism and democracy in pursuit of a shared, more promising future. 

Hacherl Research & Writing Studio

We are committed to meeting the changing needs of the people who depend on the Libraries. Because of your help, we are able to provide access to a wide array of library collections, to unique and primary source materials, and to student-centered services offered by the Tutoring Center and the Hacherl Research & Writing Studio.  

Your support expands opportunities for students to share their research at conferences and to participate in other programs that promote their academic success and lifelong learning. 

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Your support helps ensure we connect people to the resources, expertise, and collections essential to their academic success, lifelong learning, and community. It is through the generosity of donors like you that Western Libraries can meet the needs of Western Washington University students, faculty, and staff. 

You can support the Libraries in a variety of ways. Please see a complete list of giving opportunities on the checkout page. Thank you for your gift!


New Grad Challenge!
Thank you! Generous gifts from new grads have unlocked an additional $3,000 in funds!
$3,000 MATCHED
Top Fundraisers!
The WWU Alumni Association will reward the top five areas that secure the most donors with a bonus of $1,000 each. Congratulations to our winners!
Rank Prize Area of Support Donors
1 $1,000 Club Sports 420
2 $1,000 College of Business and Economics 381
3 $1,000 Athletics 377
4 $1,000 College of Humanities and Social Sciences 310
5 $1,000 College of Science and Engineering 199
HUB International Bronze Sponsorship
Thank you, HUB International, for supporting our Challenge Pool!
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