WWU Life Drawing Club
Life Drawing for Personal Growth!

Creative arts practice has shown in numerous studies to be a vital part of developing a strong internal sense of identity. From week to week, we develop our unique artistic sight through figure drawing practice. Traditionally, art classes focus on technical practice. Life Drawing Club places greater emphasis in authentic self-expression. More than striving for photorealism, we celebrate work that evokes the artist and subject's emotional state. As a group we share and discuss our artwork constructively to build confidence in everyone.

In tandem with artistic exploration, we also aim to provide club members with a space to relieve stress and benefit from the therapeutic elements of drawing and spending time with peers. Over the past year online, Life Drawing Club has served for some members as the only Western community or social circle they interacted with regularly. We have become a haven for students looking for relaxation and a casual, inviting setting to make friends in a socially distant era.

The WWU Life Drawing Club is an inclusive and creative space, open to all, regardless of drawing experience. We value and respect every individual's background, identity, and personal history - this uniqueness is where authentic self-expression arises from.

As Fall 2021 comes with the likelihood of increased on-campus presence, we hope to start returning to in-person meetings. This means we will need funding to resume our pre-pandemic activities, and to develop new ones.

Contributions to Life Drawing Club will directly fund the following opportunities for our members in the next year:

- art materials for students who may not have access to supplies otherwise

- professional life drawing online references exclusive to educational institutions

- professional models for live drawing sessions, when permitted under health and safety protocol

- end-of-year showcase of student works and progress

- visits to local galleries and museums

And we're not intending to close the list there; we want to reach our club's full potential!

We are deeply grateful for any contribution, big or small. Thank you for visiting Life Drawing Club WWU!

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