Prim Scholarship for Diversity and Inclusion
Double your impact to to increase opportunities for WWU students of color in Psychology!

The Merle Prim Scholarship for Diversity and Inclusion

The Prim scholarship is available to ethnic minority students who are Psychology or Behavioral Neuroscience majors and have a demonstrated financial need. Currently the Prim Scholarship awards a tuition gift of $1000 per year to the winning applicant. The College of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Psychology Department at Western Washington University would like to get the scholarship to award a full tuition gift of $8000 per year. 


We need to get the Prim Endowment to a principal balance of $200,000 to achieve our 'Full-Tuition' Goal. We are nearly there and have secured a matching gift of $40,000 to reach our goal. That means every dollar you donate doubles not only your donation but the opportunity for a student of color at Western.  Help students of color and financial need realize the dream of making a difference in the lives of others by putting us over the top of the $200,000 goal.


New Grad Challenge!
Thank you! Generous gifts from new grads have unlocked an additional $3,000 in funds!
$3,000 MATCHED
HUB International Bronze Sponsorship
Thank you, HUB International, for supporting our Challenge Pool!
Diversity and Inclusion in Psychology 2:1 Challenge!
The first $10,000 in gifts made to the Prim Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship in Psychology will be matched 2:1 by generous alumni of the Psychology Department. Please help us take advantage of this tremendous opportunity to generate much needed resources to help diversify the field of Psychology.
Top Fundraisers!
The WWU Alumni Association will reward the top five areas that secure the most donors with a bonus of $1,000 each. Congratulations to our winners!
Rank Prize Area of Support Donors
1 $1,000 WWU Volleyball 132
2 $1,000 Ice Hockey 127
3 $1,000 Accounting Department 106
4 $1,000 Men's Rowing 102
5 $1,000 Marketing Program 93
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