Ted Pratt Scholarship

Ted Pratt, Dean of Students has retired! Let's honor him with a scholarship in his name!


Learn to speak in the language of the listener”, Dean Theodore W. Pratt, Jr.

Over the span of a lifetime, Dean Ted Pratt has embodied a love for people. In so many areas of his life and journey, you will hear stories of how people have felt esteemed, loved, cared for, and heard.  With excellence in his various roles as an administrator, Dean Pratt integrated who he was through his love and care of people. One of Dean Pratt’s strengths is his desire to seek to understand others. 

Ted Pratt has been the Dean of Students for Western since his appointment in 1997. His love of Western started much earlier when he became a student in 1977 and a proud alum in 1981.  He returned to Western in 1987 to begin his professional career in higher education. His mission and intent through all his roles was to bring diversity to Western’s student body and faculty. As an admissions officer, he was able to diversify our campus and bring strong student leaders, some of who led the charge and leadership of the Ethnic Student Center. His love of the University and of students has allowed him to translate even the most difficult situations into a compassionate interaction with human touch and a caring outcome. Walking across Western’s campus with Ted, you will notice he repeatedly pauses to say hello, and is constantly stopped by students, faculty, and staff for a quick hug or to share a word or two. Dean Pratt often keeps his office door open, and always his heart to those around him.  Ted has provided leadership in expanding cultural competence through departmental programing for over 7 years along with sponsoring campus speakers. Dean Pratt prioritized assessment and accountability measures for his unit, and shared those resources for the assessment of a campus wide equity and inclusion training program. Ted is a master bridge builder and his ability to connect people through patience and support is one of the most important traits in any leader of our time. He exemplifies this trait at the highest level. 

To carry on the leadership of Dean Ted Pratt is to include the complexity and beauty of all in our humanness when making decisions and enacting policy. The Ted Pratt Dean of Students Diversity & Leadership Scholarship shall be awarded to a student who has demonstrated strong leadership skills in the area of Diversity and Equity. 

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