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Bellingham Review
Please support WWU's Nationally Recognized Literary Journal

About the Bellingham Review:


Established in 1977, the Bellingham Review presents new writing from established and emerging writers, both local and international. Our contributors go on to publish their own books and collections. Their work has been collected from our magazine to appear in Harper’s, the Utne Reader, and the Pushcart Prize Anthology


Why Your Gift Matters:


  • The Review has a deep commitment to all forms of diversity--of class, life experience, race, gender and sexuality

Since 2016, each print issue of the Review has contained an international folio of twenty to forty pages, focusing on writing from under-represented international communities. These issues are themed and are deeply topical, for example, focusing on the reality of living under occupation (Palestine), extrajudicial murders and worker exploitation (the Philippines) and political repression (China). Our print issue allows our authors the safety to explore dissident work.


  • You will provide professional, internship-style academic experiences for WWU's graduate students

Working on the Review is a hands-on, high-impact learning experience that teaches students about evaluating literary writing, manuscript editing, and journal/print production, among other skills. We are a jobs-oriented, experiential program that has a proven record of excellent job placement.


  • The Review raises money too


Primarily supported by literary contests, the Review will use your gift to find and showcase great new authors and thinkers from across the world, provide enriching experiences for our graduate students, and pay translators and contributors. 


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