Scholarships & Student Success Funds
At Western, we believe in the power of change...

Here is your opportunity to help change lives, families, communities, and even the world. Join us and invest in Student Success by making a gift to any of these impactful University-wide scholarship and student success funds. 

WWU Student Success Scholarships

More than 60% of WWU students receive financial aid, but much of it has to be paid back. Across the nation, student loan debt has exceeded credit card debt. You can help the next generation launch their careers without this crippling burden. Your gift to the WWU Student Success Scholarship Fund are put to highest and best use, allocated to Admissions for bringing talented students to Western, in addition to providing much needed support to students with financial need. 

Student Success Research & Creative Opportunities Fund

Summer research and creative experiences enhance intellectual skills, communication and teamwork. Supporting student research allows us to support innovation and to pay a stipend to students for the hours they spend researching, usually over a ten week period. It’s not only a great summer job, but a resume booster too.

WWU Alumni Association Scholarship for Undergraduate Students

For more than 25 years, the WWU Alumni Association has provided more than $1.3 million in scholarships to deserving Western students. The WWU Alumni Association is proud to offer the WWU Alumni Association Scholarship for Undergraduate Students. Recipients of this honor are students who are making a difference in their communities, and contributing greatly to Western by actively participating in the life of the university.

Western Gap Scholarship

This scholarship was established by staff and faculty because unfortunately they had seen too many students leave before they could connect them with the resources they need.  After years of watching students leave in the middle of the night, Residence Life staff realized there is a way to retain a student who has a gap (often as small as $300) in their institutional balance after all aid has disbursed. They joined together with other WWU colleagues, alumni and friends and created the Western Gap Scholarship. This scholarship is administered by those who know best which students have these small gaps, our Financial Aid office. 

The Western Fund

We don't have a crystal ball but we do know that unexpected needs and opportunities arise, and there is nothing more powerful then flexible funding to meet these challenges and make the most of opportunities to support student success. President Sabah Randhawa uses gifts to the Western Fund to meet areas of greatest need and emergent funding requests so our faculty and students can seize opportunities for travel, research and other scholarly activities as they arise. 

Can’t find what you are looking for? 

There are many impactful scholarships and initiatives across campus, including many college or department based funds that you can read more about by clicking on the blue buttons below. 

If you can't find what you are looking for in the list of gift designations when you click on the Give Now button, please click Other and you will be able to write in the name of the scholarship or fund you are looking for. Please contact the WWU Foundation at (360) 650-3027 or with any questions you might have!

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