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blue text: opportunity to support student scholarships

Please help us continue to offer and expand the scholarships we offer!

Portrait of Emma Jerome with Give Day 05.26.22 logo in upper right corner, and text in white font: " 'The generosity of our scholarship donors enables students like me to fully embrace the opportunities Western has to offer, both inside and outside the classroom. This freedom to engage in life on campus and in Bellingham will allow me to better myself and the communities surrounding me' Emma Jerome"               Portrait of Kit Turner with Give Day 05.26.22 logo in upper right corner, and text in white font: " 'The scholarship will help me to pursue research endeavors dedicated to improving the lives of young people and building appreciation for LGBTQ+ lives and culture' Kit Turner"

blue text: 2x matching opportunity for the Merle Prim scholarship

Your donation will go THREE TIMES AS FAR with this amazing matching opportunity! The Merle Prim scholarship is available to students who are Psychology or Behavioral Neuroscience majors and have a demonstrated financial need. Our goal is to grow the endowment to increase the scholarship offering. This year, a special 2 for 1 match for this scholarship will make your donation have an even greater impact thanks to generous anonymous donors who are Western alumni and former students of Professor Merle Prim! 

Here’s how it works: Every $1 you give will be increased by a factor of two! For example, your $100 donation will receive $200 in 2X matching funds, resulting in a total donation of $300! Please join us in showing appreciation for these anonymous donors by giving your donation today and helping us achieve the goal of the $10,000 Merle Prim Scholarship matching funds challenge!

blue text: matching opportunity for student research & conference presentation funds

The Department of Psychology Faculty and Staff have established a special matching fund that will make your donation go farther! Our goal is to have 25 donations to any psychology scholarship or fund during Give Day 2022. Once 25 donations are received to any psychology scholarship or fund on Give Day, then $2,160 in matching funds contributed by the Psychology Faculty and Staff will be unlocked. 

These matching funds will support student research and conference presentations. Student participation in research activities and attendance at professional academic conferences is vital as they learn about and make contributions to the field, and for when applying for employment and graduate school.

Paige Michel standing in front of her poster at the Western Psychological Association conference, with Give Day 05.26.22 logo in upper right corner, and text in white font: "'I am extremely grateful to have received departmental funding so I could have this experience to network and strengthen my CV' Paige Michel"              Jasmine Welaye standing in front of her poster at the Western Psychological Association conference, with Give Day 05.26.22 logo in upper right corner, and text in white font: "I feel extremely grateful for this opportunity to attend WPA 2022, focused on advancing diversity, social justice, and sustainability" Jasmine Welaye"

blue text: thank you for supporting our community of learners who are devoted to improving the human condition!

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light blue text: scholarships offered in the Psych Department. blue text underneath: Adams-Woodring, Ethan Remmel Memorial, Mess Memorial, Merle Prim Memorial, Tuition Waiver

New Grad Challenge!
Thank you! Generous gifts from new grads have unlocked an additional $3,000 in funds!
$3,000 MATCHED
Diversity and Inclusion in Psychology 2:1 Challenge!
The first $10,000 in gifts made to the Prim Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship in Psychology will be matched 2:1 by generous alumni of the Psychology Department. Please help us take advantage of this tremendous opportunity to generate much needed resources to help diversify the field of Psychology.
Top Fundraisers!
The WWU Alumni Association will reward the top five areas that secure the most donors with a bonus of $1,000 each. Congratulations to our winners!
Rank Prize Area of Support Donors
1 $1,000 WWU Volleyball 132
2 $1,000 Ice Hockey 127
3 $1,000 Accounting Department 106
4 $1,000 Men's Rowing 102
5 $1,000 Marketing Program 93
Psychology Staff Match
Thank you! Your gifts unlocked an additional $2160 to support the Psychology Department, thanks to the generous match organized by the Psychology faculty and staff!
25 / 25 Donors
HUB International Bronze Sponsorship
Thank you, HUB International, for supporting our Challenge Pool!
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