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Hello from the Journalism Department at Western Washington University!

For the past 50 years our graduates have been found throughout the United States, writing and editing the news of the region, serving as public relations professionals in public and private organizations, working as photographers and multimedia specialists, and upholding the legacy of journalism.

The Department of Journalism provides students with educational excellence in an experiential learning environment leading to an understanding of the role of mass media in a diverse democratic society, while teaching critical thinking, and the ethical use of traditional and new media.


Staying Current:

The Journalism Department is dedicated to staying relevant in industries that are constantly changing. This includes up-to-date software and computers in the department labs. In addition, faculty members work to stay abreast of the latest changes in the industries. Department faculty combine professional and academic training and expertise. All faculty members have extensive professional backgrounds, as well as appropriate graduate degrees. They are regularly published in both academic and professional publications.



Our Department is unique because:


  • We specialize in writing with award-winning publications.
  • We produce excellence in the basics of the English language.
  • We trace our roots in journalism principles from the Cato Letters to the best current technology in use.
  • We emphasize journalism as a craft that plays a significant political and cultural role in America.
  • We stress real-world applications of skills through internships.
  • We provide enough intellectual curiosity and challenge that alumni go on to graduate school or other professions.
  • We emphasize the role of readers as citizens who need to be informed to take part in a democratic society.
  • Despite the fact that we are getting bigger and bigger, we know students face-to-face and by first name. And they know us.


Your Impact

Your gift to the Journalism Department will help us add resources to the Journalism Library, inspire students by allowing us to host guest speakers, fund student travel to conferences, sponsor career networking opportunities and most importantly, provide scholarships and funding for internships. Every little bit helps! We appreciate you and your donations.



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