We are a student-focused school of business and economics engaged in scholarly and professional activities that contribute to the well-being of society.


The College values engagement in its approach to education, research and service. We value active faculty engagement with students. Engagement with industry advisory committees helps inform curricula and other course decisions, keeping our content relevant and preparing graduates to participate and lead in their areas of study. Faculty engagement with other academics in their fields is also encouraged. We value staff guidance and engagement with students. We also encourage and promote students with organizations in the region, gaining practical experience and a broader perspective and purpose as we value the broader community to which we belong.


Your gift will help to provide the best possible learning experience and the latest in knowledge and professional readiness for students by supporting scholarships, cutting edge technology and information access, as well as faculty and program support.

Departments and Special Projects

You can choose to give to any of the Departments listed below! Some departments and programs within the College of Business and Economics have chosen to highlight special projects on WWU Give Day. You can click to read more about these selected projects below. 

Accounting Challenge
The first $2,000 in gifts to Accounting will be matched by generous alumni, Marke and Angela Greene.
International Business Study Abroad Scholarship Challenge
The first $1,000 in gifts to International Business Study Abroad Scholarships will be matched dollar for dollar by Professor Tom Roehl, who has been teaching in IBUS since 1999 and is dedicated to the success of his students and the program. Thank you for joining him in investing in International Business students!
Top 5 WWU Fundraisers
The WWU Alumni Association will reward the top five areas that secure the most donors with a bonus of $1,000 each!
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