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Professional and Continuing Education

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Professional and Continuing Education at Western provides a range of options to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. From professional certificates and bootcamps to test preparation and short courses, a WWU Professional and Continuing Education course can give you the skills you need to move up in your career. We offer high-value non-credit courses that have helped people just like you earn a valuable credential.

Earning an industry-recognized credential can increase opportunities for promotions and higher earnings over a lifetime. However, we understand that not everyone is able to equally access the courses and programs that can help them advance their careers.

We are making strides to address financial barriers and close equity gaps which can limit access to our programs. One recent initiative is our no-interest payment plan for WWU-led Professional and Continuing Education courses. This plan allows individuals to pay program costs over a period of three months and resulted in a 48% increase in participation in our programs since it was launched.

We’re excited to offer the payment plan with our newest program: Web Development Bootcamp, which launches in June. As one additional way to close the equity gaps, no coding experience is necessary and completers of this program will have the skills needed to enter in-demand jobs such as web development. Through a combination of the payment plan and our new scholarship, we aim to increase access to courses that can increase access to living wage jobs and new careers.

WWU’s Professional and Continuing Education department believes everyone deserves the opportunity to earn a living wage and have access to career growth opportunities and we are pleased to invite you to support our new scholarship. Funds raised will be used for direct offset of program costs for courses that lead to increased career opportunities.  

Your Support can assist a student in gaining access to in-demand career opportunities. 

  • $1,500 covers tuition for one person to enroll in the Certificate in Grant Writing
  • $2,500 covers tuition for one Western student to enroll in the Web Development Bootcamp
  • $4,500 covers tuition for one person to enroll in the Web Development Bootcamp

Donations of any amount are welcome! You can learn about program options on our web page.

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