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Water Skiing Team
This short edit shows some of the fun we get to have waterskiing near Bellingham!

Wild West tournament held in Spring of 2022 at Bell Aqua Lakes in Rio Linda, California.The WWU Waterski team participates in three-event waterskiing: slalom, trick, and jump. Our team competes against other west coast schools, as well as on a national level each year. Currently, our team has 30 members and competes in 5-8 tournaments a year.
Tabling in Red Square during spring quarter of 2022 with the team boat.
The WWU Waterski team is the only actively competing tournament waterski team in the state of Washington and seeks to preserve and grow our sport by recruiting new skiers. The team placed 9th in the Nation at the National Championship and 2nd on the West Coast at the Western Regionals in the Fall of 2019. 
Alumni Grant Cox jumping at the 2019 National Tournament.
The team currently practices on Lake Samish, Bow Lake in Bow, Washington, as well as Lake Whatcom, and has previously practiced at Borderline Lake in the past. Much of our team's success is attributable to the help and volunteer coaching of Terry Goodman and his family who helped start the team back in 1991. 

National Tournament at Bell Aqua Lakes in Rio Linda, California in 2019. Our team has many expenses associated with practice and travel which can often make it difficult to afford both practice and competition, as most of our team are paying for these expenses out of pocket. These expenses typically include airfare, rental car fees, gas, lake rental, equipment, registration fees, and more.

Current Vice President Ben Clarke skiing in the slalom event at Bell Aqua Lakes in 2022.

The WWU Waterski Team recently completed the purchase of our first team boat to secure the team's future ability to get out on the water. Having our own boat and now maintaining it is essential to continuing our team and the sport in Washington State. Any donation amount helps and is truly appreciated by every current and past member of our team! Let's go Vikings!
Alumni Karah Hocking and current President Eric Negomir cheering on the team.
If you have any questions or would like to help support the team in other ways, you can contact us though email at or through our Instagram page @westernwaterski. 

President: Eric Negomir (720) 270-2997

Vice President: Ben Clarke (253) 906-7672

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