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Finance Program
Help support WWU Finance Students with a Gift Today!

Our Promise:

Your gift will make a difference for our students. All gifts to the Finance Program on WWU Give Day will directly support our students and program in ways that we could not accomplish without your generosity. 

Your gift will support students' research and classroom efforts! Several of our 400-level courses in finance involve quarter-long projects -- such as stock valuation and buy/sell recommendations -- that require access to firm and industry financial data. Students love to use the Morningstar Direct database, which costs around $12,000 annually. We need your help to maintain student access to this essential data platform--please consider supporting their education today!

Every donation matters - please give today!

Finance students in action - Photo courtesy of Kim Bartow, CFA Seattle Society

Our Goal:

Our goal is to reach 50 unique donors of any amount this year, and to raise funds that will materially support students in need, and students' access to data for their research efforts

Every donation, no matter how big or small, makes a lasting impact. Can you help us reach our goal?

How You Can Help:

  • Make a donation of any amount on May 25th – all the funds go directly to the department.
  • Get a friend (or two) to donate!
  • Become an ambassador for the WWU Finance Department
  • Stay engaged with us via our Finance Department LinkedIn page

Your donation will help us to:

  • Fund student scholarships and support students in need!
  • Arrange student access to important financial data resources, like Morningstar Direct, that students need for key projects and learning activities.
  • Provide needed support for program and club activities, like student travel to case competitions, job fairs, finance and leadership conferences, corporate site visits, and more. 
Finance students visiting Russell Investments

Our Results:

The Finance Program began its participation in Give Day in 2019. Over the past four years, we have used donations to enhance the student experience in these ways:

  • Supporting student travel and participation in events like Meet the Professionals, where students traveled to an investment firm in Seattle to network with finance professionals and augment their classroom learning.
  • Supporting student site visits to other investment firms and major companies that grow students' networks and increase career readiness among our graduates.
  • Distributing student scholarship funds that directly support our finance students by offsetting their cost of attending WWU.
  • Supporting student travel and participation in the College of Business and Economics Advisory Board Meetings, where students have the opportunity to see the inner workings of and participate in the decision making processes of their college.

With your support, the Finance program can continue to:

  • Provide additional support to our students with financial needs.
  • Ensure student access to key financial data resources.
  • Offer special opportunities for our students including case and research competitions, travel to special events, conferences, and more.
  • Improve our students' classroom experiences.
  • Enhance the activities offered by the Financial Management Association (FMA) club to further the careers of finance students.
  • Engage with alumni and industry experts; connect students to career opportunities.

Did you know:

1. On Western Give Day, 100% of your designated gift supports finance students' educational efforts.

2. Our student-led FMA Club has no sponsor and needs your support! Thus far our students have admirably sustained this important club through their own resourcefulness. Your donation will enable them to enhance the value of this club to all Finance students.

3. There are currently limited finance-specific scholarships for CBE. Help us change that! Other departments like DSCI and Accounting have numerous dedicated annual scholarships for their students totaling over $125,000. Finance students should have financial support as well!

FMA 2019-2020
FMA Students - Photo courtesy of Asta Molver, WWU Student


We wholeheartedly thank you for furthering the efforts of the finance program to facilitate high-impact experiences for our students!
-- The finance faculty: Earl, Sophie, Pamela, Claire, Nick, and Eric

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