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Men's Lacrosse

At Western Washington University, our goal is to run a first-class men’s lacrosse program. The WWU Men's Lacrosse team focuses heavily on the development of each player and strives for success on the field and in the classroom. 

Within the past year, our program has grown tremendously, to a roster of over thirty young men, which is incredibly important to our ability to be competitive in the league but comes with some increased challenges. 

We need your help to afford the proper equipment, gear, and travel costs to allow all players to participate in every game and practice. Donations also help us keep club dues lower which allows for students to afford the team and provide dues scholarships to cover any players who would not otherwise be able to pay it. This support allows us to recruit the best players at Western to join, grow the sport, and maintain better equity on campus.

 For this program to keep growing and continue to be competitive we need the support of our alumni, parents, fans, and friends. Every gift really will help get us closer to a team meal, lower dues, replacement nets, and other things we need to run a program.

Thank you for supporting WWU Lacrosse, with your help we will give our student athletes the best possible experience with memories and lessons that last a lifetime. Plus some heart-pounding lacrosse games for the Western community to cheer the Vikings onto victory at!

Make your donation today to help this team achieve new heights! 

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 From Head Coach Finnell:  

The Western Washington University men's lacrosse team is looking to carry the momentum forward as we gear up for the 2023 season.  This year the team is conducting a fundraiser and asking for financial contributions from supporters of the program. The funds we raise with this campaign will help pay for our team bonding experiences, new equipment, and some of our planned travel expenses. We would love to be able to achieve these things in order to improve and grow closer as a team.

All contributions are tax-deductible and will go directly to support the Western Washington University Men's Lacrosse. Donations of any amount are welcomed and appreciated. 

Thank you for supporting the Western Washington University Men's Lacrosse team.


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