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Since high school I aspired to become a professional musician and be able to do creative work for a living. For the longest time, however, getting to that point seemed almost impossible. Being apart of the AECI program helped me understand that not only is doing what you love for a living possible, but it is genuinely feasible!


The program helped me turn my music into a legitimate source of income. AECI gave me the confidence to forge my own path in the ever-changing creative industry. Regardless of your artistic medium or entrepreneurial experience, the AECI program gives you all the foundational tools you need to turn your passion into a career.


Justus Yearous, Music Major, AECI '17, AKA fantompower 


The Arts Enterprise and Cultural Innovation minor gives our art, dance, design, music, and theatre students the tools they need to build successful careers in the modern economy.


The course of study focuses on teaching students to build thriving creative enterprises.


Your gift will support the Dr. David Rystrom Memorial Fund.


Dr. Rystrom supported and encouraged artists from all walks of life. He believed that if they could better understand their business practice, they could be empowered to do even greater things.


Dr. David Rystrom
Dr. David Rystrom worked in WWU’s College of Business for over thirty years teaching Finance and Economics


This memorial fund was created at the behest of his family in honor of Dr. Rystrom. He truly believed that if one was going to get a degree in business, one needed to have a reason for the business.

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