Art and Art History Department
Thinking artists and artistic thinkers shaping culture in the 21st century

The Department of Art and Art History offers students compelling opportunities:

  1. Lectures and visits by artists and scholars
  2. Participation in academic conferences
  3. Hands-on workshops in the Western Gallery
  4. Assistantships
  5. The enhanced Studio Art degree
  6. Student-run galleries
  7. Invaluable study abroad courses

Give Day helps us raise funds for for these opportunities, and for student scholarships, which are making a difference now more than ever. The Art & Art History Department currently offers 14 scholarships to boost the enrichment of hard working students with a passion for art. These scholarships enable students to complete a degree, encourage those who aspire toward a creative career, and provide equitable and inclusive opportunities to a diverse set of students.

Top Five Fundraisers!
The WWU Alumni Association has rewarded the top five areas that secured the most donors on MAY 28 with a bonus of $1,000 each! Congratulations to our winners!
Rank Prize #WECARE Donors
1 $1,000 Student Emergency Fund 199
2 $1,000 Men's Rowing 174
3 $1,000 Ice Hockey 151
4 $1,000 Cross Country & Track and Field 101
5 $1,000 Marketing Program 87
Whatcom Educational Credit Union Challenge
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$100,000 / $100,000 Raised
Whatcom Educational Credit Union Stretch Challenge
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$300,772 / $300,772 Raised
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